What Is a White Label Payment Gateway?

Allow your international customers to make the payment in their native currencies. The facility delivers recurring payments with anti-fraud verification, checking them thoroughly by more than a hundred parameters. The fees vary, starting from 1.2% and going higher when other factors.

  • As far as end customers are concerned, they will perceive the payment service as being offered by the ISV that rebranded it.
  • Look for providers that have a good reputation in the industry, and that have experience working with businesses similar to yours.
  • Our full-featured online payment platform allows you to accept payments for your online business.
  • Provide advanced merchant services for online businesses within a few weeks, having hundreds of connections established for you.
  • This partner can be selected by small companies that look for HHP integration features, which are convenient for merchants.

UniPay is a commercial open-source payment gateway built on modern technology and easily adaptable to businesses of any size. We’re the payment processing company that can deliver the connectivity, security and valuable support worldwide. A payment gateway is a software that enables merchants to accept credit and debit card payments online. It acts as a mediator between a customer’s and a merchant’s bank.

Payment Gateways and Merchant Acquirers

This flexibility allows businesses to offer their customers a variety of payment options, while still maintaining control over the branding and user experience. The term „white label“ refers to the fact that the payment gateway is fully customizable and can be branded with the business’s logo and design. White label payment gateways are provided by payment service providers, which handle the payment transactions on behalf of the business.

white label payment gateway

They receive access to Dashboard, a starting point for managing all their operations within the platform. Here are some of the pros and cons of using a white label provider in comparison to developing your own system. The highest level of compliance that proves we grant the security of card data. We are very thankful, http://www.mushrooms.ru/content/?grib/20061115_0901/ that we got acquainted with a really strong partner, which has a high level of expertise in the fintech field, development, and other IT tools for payouts. Since that time we have been connected to 8 PSPs and more than 15 payout methods – so, everything that we needed – is extremely covered by Corefy.

How to choose a white label payment gateway?

By processing, I accept terms of Akurateco Service and confirm that I have read Akurateco’s Privacy Policy. Top FinTech-related events in In order to thrive in any industry, networking, self-promotion, and industry comprehension are imperative – and the world of FinTech is certainly no exception. Conferences provide a dynamic platform to achieve all of these objectives and more. Full support of solution launching and customization of settings within our white-label package.

white label payment gateway

Here are some more advantages of using a white-label payment gateway. Building a server infrastructure and completing a PCI DSS assessment to prove you’re able to process and store transactions details and cardholders’ data securely and prevent fraud. White label is a business model that implies purchasing an unbranded solution from a provider who created it, customising it to your brand, and selling it as your product. Understanding that security is one of the key requirements when it comes to online payments, we always seek to comply with the latest industry standards and adopt the most advanced security technologies. During this time, we’ve connected dozens of various integrations and solutions, brought to life some joint projects. PCI DSS Certificate & Why Your Business Needs It Right Now PCI DSS is a security standard that was designed to protect credit/debit card transactions.

Akurateco is a software provider, headquartered in Amsterdam, that specializes in fintech software products. Businesses, choosing this partner, get a 100% secure solution as the platform cares much about security, and addressing fraud effectively. White label payment gateways can also enhance the customer experience and build trust with customers. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and a higher likelihood of repeat business.

What Is a White-Label Payment Processor?

Creating a cutting-edge payment gateway that ensures both smooth and fast checkout process is mandatory for any business willing to expand its market presence. However, with the cost of development and maintenance, such a gateway can become a real financial burden. Ensure safe and transparent transactions with our white label payment gateway.

white label payment gateway

Enable high approvals and reduce negative user experiences due to declined transactions with automated decisioning informed by your data, complemented with WePay’s manual reviews. We roll out a merchant portal on your domain and under your brand. It’s a place where your merchants can manage their transactions, monitor activity, view balances, etc.

white label payment gateway

The brand was created in Amsterdam and aimed to solve existing problems in the industry. Currently, it presents a growing acquirer network including the most relevant payment methods. A multilingual network is truly a global formation since it accepts any currency. The mechanism is designed to send transactions to the most highly-rated payment partner. The correct answer is “anyone you want,” but not every provider necessarily agrees. Make sure that the payment gateway offers you the freedom to board the merchants you want to do business with and provide services to the vertical you do business in.

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